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Ministry Outreach ( the people we help, donations that come in, food we serve, and volunteers) We are very thankful to serve!

Our ministry collects donations and give Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas food gift boxes with frozen hams or turkeys yearly, we give free Christmas gifts to children under 12 years old, feed stray animals, Sue ministry cards, find lost family members and help with bus cost with limited free transport to bus, free bibles, free toiletries, give baby pampers and clothes to area shelters and low income families, periodic community meals & bbq’s, provide health education, and the list goes on.

A big thank you to everyone to all you do to help make this ministry a beacon of hope for the low income and vulnerable adults and children.

We are updating our whole site! Please stay during our transformation…We are excited!

Through the months we have still been doing outreach and helping vulnerable adults. We have been working tirelessly.

So many wonderful things have been happening. We have been partnering with different churches and agencies that have just been wonderful about donating items to help low income and vulnerable adults including our disabled veterans.

Our monetary donations have been slow about coming in and we have been placing our faith in God that he will provide and he has…

Although we have not grown as much as we would like to – we are still growing to be a pillar right here in the community.

Our services are still helping with warm meals, groceries, resources, outreach, holiday boxes, toiletries, etc.

Jonathan a faith servant of the Lord

Jonathan Wolfe faith volunteer will be truly missed

Home With The King…

Jonathan worked for many years at the Fellowship House here in South Camden. He handled maintenance, cleaning, helped Doreen a longtime missionary and office manager of Fellowship House help pick up food from the food bank, help with her women’s ministry for over 18 years, then when it transitioned into another non profit Fellowship memorial John was right there to help where and whenever he could. He was a faith volunteer with Fellowship Memorial Mobile Ministry almost since the beginning. While we grieve with the Wolfe family & others who loved him, we do not grieve without hope because we know that–because he placed his faith in Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior–his soul is in heaven with his heavenly father.

Learn about US…

We are still building our Christ-centered ministry. Being a mobile ministry we see all walks of life. From low-income individuals to the homeless… and now we are few months in with adding a new permanent ministry to help stray and vulnerable pets in the South Camden area.

Our overnight ministry we go through empty lots and known homeless areas and we give nourishing food, toiletries, resources, and a short intake (reasons why they are- and how they got there). Then step two: we follow up- and use the intake to get them help, (we don’t pressure them)but if the individual or individuals decide for us to help. Our step three: is an more extensive intake, we allow them to clean themselves up (if needed), gently use clothes we offer, and talk/pray and decide the best help going forward. It could be/and we help with- doctor care, prescriptions, bus tickets, updating paperwork, ID’s, appointments, phone calls, uplifting ministry cards personalized to the vulnerable individual with a love limited donation, and light travel, etc.


Our pet ministry…we try to do the third week of the month…depends on how the donations come in…but we do the same as we do with vulnerable adults but we search abandoned lots, streets, underpasses, abandoned places and listen for signs of pets…we give bottled water in bowls, pet food, pet snacks.

We have special cases and we also take pets to shelters or call animal control if the situation is bad.

But, if its an owner of a pet, struggling, we will offer pet care.

If any of these ministries tug on your heart and you would like to donate. We will send you a tax deductible receipt. Every dollar counts, whether its $1 – it all adds up to help someone or a pet in need.

I’d like to thank you in advance for just reading about our ministry. We love what we do, offering help and making a difference. Please pray for us, because as you know the streets are dangerous.

Have a wonderful and blessed day!


We are still going strong! Thank you!

I would like to thank everyone. This year we help homeless the 9 to 12 individuals pick their lives up and start over a month. Our ministry contacts resource agencies, provide food, used clothing, gain medical care if needed, ID, pay for transportation for bad situations each vulnerable individual receives a handwritten uplifting ministry card with a monetary donation so each person can feel the love of God and know that Our ministry CARES.

Though our overnight ministry we normally go out 2 or 3 overnights each week- looking for the homeless and our mobile ministry give Bibles, blankets, tarps, gloves, a hot meal, food, hot coffee, cold waters, foam coolers, ice, offer prayer, $10 gift cards, etc. A weekly average 65 to 135 vulnerable individuals.

Our Newest Ministry= Pet Care.

One week a month we dedicate to helping stray animals or homeless individuals that has a stray animal to get food, water, pet care to the veterinary facility for the severe in some cases and we hope to soon provide flea and tick medication for pets soon.

Community- we give back. Our ministry partners with other ministries and host Health Fairs, Community BBQ’s, Groceries, Bibles, Clothing, Toiletries, and Pet Food.

Thank you for the donations that have been provided to these vulnerable adult and pets that desperately need help.

Free Thanksgiving Meal – to go AND Groceries and Turkey until they run out

We will be at our pop-up site. If you are in need of a meal. We will deliver to the shut-in individuals that are unable to get out. It is limited to the Camden County area.

The temp address is 768 Ferry Ave. from 12-2 pm. December 20, 2021

We will also be giving out hardship information for small to moderate help at that time.

Included on this page – and everyone is welcome to write in. Follow the directions on the page. The only issue with displaying the information we can’t provide stamps.- Happy Thanksgiving.