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Need Help?

2021 Spring Stimulus

Help is Here!

Have some stimulus cash mailed directly to you. NO ID, or paperwork-mail it in (only)

To: Sue, P.O. Box 586, Lodi, NJ 07644

Just provide name, address and a few     details of your hardship or help needed.

We are Fellowship Memorial 2 (writing ministry) a local mobile non-profit that’s been around helping low income individuals & families since 2013.

Need a flier with stamp and envelope–(no problem) call/text us and we will mail one to you at 856.361.5113



Email: [email protected]

Code Blue

Help someone in need. If you see someone homeless offer to take them to the local shelter or transportation center, offer a hot beverage. Take a look on your county or city website to see where the safe havens are.

# Giving Tuesday!

First we want to thank all donors for helping us with the Thanksgiving season. We gave over 60 turkeys, 12 full baskets with all the trimmings and then through overnight ministry we gave over 140 turkey sandwiches to the homeless and less fortunate.

Our biggest struggle is that our temporary office space through a local church have closed down again due to the pandemic.

We operate mostly through mobile services and our supplies are kept at a storage facility to keep helping our less fortunate.

Our prayer is a new larger mobile ministry vehicle. We would like to keep more supplies and possibly have a volunteer medical worker to help us once a week because a lot of the homeless we run into have medical issues. The mobile van we currently have is smaller and brought it used and it’s starting to wear down.

The ministry van we are asking for doesn’t have to be new. We can take the time and fix it up. If you have a old larger van not in use and would like a tax write off- we are a non profit.

And if you can’t help – $1, $5, $25 adds up-we have a donation button on the page. And please keep us in prayer which is most important. FM2 Ministry

Help Save Someone’s Life

We go out on the streets our ministry van each week and we give out toiletries, cold waters over the summer, and food. We also give an assortment of resources to help individuals to get off the streets. These folk living on the streets aren’t always drug users or choose to be homeless. They come from families with a lot of times are tragedies of life moments that caused them to be homeless and due to a lot of circumstances, they can’t get their lives back on track. While homeless a lot of these vulnerable adults don’t have clean clothes, anywhere to wash, medicine, and food – the basics of life that we all need. (Example: people still have diabetes, suffer from PTSD, suffer from gang green and a host of other ailments) That is where we come in. (We get you to the doctors, food, medicine, and most of the time sustainability) Our budget is very small but we do the best we can without a bunch of overhead and our dedicated volunteers is just that volunteers and belief in this ministry. Nevertheless, we still need help. We don’t want to close our ministry down. Recently we lost one of our regular donors due to unforeseeable circumstances and we need your help.

Every dollar counts whether is $1 or $5 or more. Please consider helping us. We are a non-profit and you will receive a tax-deductible receipt. Thank you in advance, FM2 Ministry Team.