Help Save Someone’s Life

We go out on the streets our ministry van each week and we give out toiletries, cold waters over the summer, and food. We also give an assortment of resources to help individuals to get off the streets. These folk living on the streets aren’t always drug users or choose to be homeless. They come from families with a lot of times are tragedies of life moments that caused them to be homeless and due to a lot of circumstances, they can’t get their lives back on track. While homeless a lot of these vulnerable adults don’t have clean clothes, anywhere to wash, medicine, and food – the basics of life that we all need. (Example: people still have diabetes, suffer from PTSD, suffer from gang green and a host of other ailments) That is where we come in. (We get you to the doctors, food, medicine, and most of the time sustainability) Our budget is very small but we do the best we can without a bunch of overhead and our dedicated volunteers is just that volunteers and belief in this ministry. Nevertheless, we still need help. We don’t want to close our ministry down. Recently we lost one of our regular donors due to unforeseeable circumstances and we need your help.

Every dollar counts whether is $1 or $5 or more. Please consider helping us. We are a non-profit and you will receive a tax-deductible receipt. Thank you in advance, FM2 Ministry Team.