We are still going strong! Thank you!

I would like to thank everyone. This year we help homeless the 9 to 12 individuals pick their lives up and start over a month. Our ministry contacts resource agencies, provide food, used clothing, gain medical care if needed, ID, pay for transportation for bad situations each vulnerable individual receives a handwritten uplifting ministry card with a monetary donation so each person can feel the love of God and know that Our ministry CARES.

Though our overnight ministry we normally go out 2 or 3 overnights each week- looking for the homeless and our mobile ministry give Bibles, blankets, tarps, gloves, a hot meal, food, hot coffee, cold waters, foam coolers, ice, offer prayer, $10 gift cards, etc. A weekly average 65 to 135 vulnerable individuals.

Our Newest Ministry= Pet Care.

One week a month we dedicate to helping stray animals or homeless individuals that has a stray animal to get food, water, pet care to the veterinary facility for the severe in some cases and we hope to soon provide flea and tick medication for pets soon.

Community- we give back. Our ministry partners with other ministries and host Health Fairs, Community BBQ’s, Groceries, Bibles, Clothing, Toiletries, and Pet Food.

Thank you for the donations that have been provided to these vulnerable adult and pets that desperately need help.

Free Thanksgiving Meal – to go AND Groceries and Turkey until they run out

We will be at our pop-up site. If you are in need of a meal. We will deliver to the shut-in individuals that are unable to get out. It is limited to the Camden County area.

The temp address is 768 Ferry Ave. from 12-2 pm. December 20, 2021

We will also be giving out hardship information for small to moderate help at that time.

Included on this page – and everyone is welcome to write in. Follow the directions on the page. The only issue with displaying the information we can’t provide stamps.- Happy Thanksgiving.

God’s Plan- week 2 of series

Click on the link below and enjoy our week two series of God’s Plan. In addition, our ministry has a lot of amazing and real resources to help individuals in need. Please contact us if you are in need of food, baby items, small cash amounts, clothing, housing, etc. (all at no cost to you). If you feel that our ministry is helping or you would like to donate any tithes or offerings to our ministry we will send you a tax-deductible donation letter that will be sent directly to you!

Need Help?

2021 Spring Stimulus

Help is Here!

Have some stimulus cash mailed directly to you. NO ID, or paperwork-mail it in (only)

To: Sue, P.O. Box 586, Lodi, NJ 07644

Just provide name, address and a few     details of your hardship or help needed.

We are Fellowship Memorial 2 (writing ministry) a local mobile non-profit that’s been around helping low income individuals & families since 2013.

Need a flier with stamp and envelope–(no problem) call/text us and we will mail one to you at 856.361.5113


Website: www.fellowshiphouse2memorial.com

Email: MRD607@aol.com